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Photo: Andrew Gilmour

Photo: Andrew Gilmour

Nocturne Halifax: Let Evening Come

a site-specific performance installation at halifax’s all-night art fest!

Featuring Caroline Whalen, soprano; Daniel Wheeler, tenor; Rachel O’Brien, piano; Emma Ross, Margaret Donahoe, Claudia Gutierrez-Perez, Raphael McDonald, and Celia Rossiter, performers; Andrew Gilmour and Travis Cook Young, designers

Check out this piece in The Coast for more details!


Let Evening Come

A multidisciplinary show of art song, original poetry, and contemporary folk songs

Featuring Caroline Whalen, soprano; Ethan Lawler, composer and trombone; Jacob Caines, vocalist; Megan Johnson, mezzo-soprano; Willem Blois, piano; Frietzen Kenter and Zoë Mackey-Boehner, actors



concert with mismatched music and rotating conductors

Conductors: Jacob Caines and Mark Kleyn 

Soprano: Kara Morris, Lindsey Sikora, Mélissa Danis
Alto: Erin Sheedy, Carolyn Watts, Sascha Adler
Tenor: Brian Butcher, Elizabeth Fox
Bass: Nicholas Piper, John Alexander, Brian Wehrle 

Flute: Laura Andrew
Clarinet: Krystal Morrison
Saxophone: Jeremy Mulder
Trumpet: Daniel Mills
Cello: Roland Gjernes
Percussion: Dominique Damer
Narrators: Mark Wilkinson, Jacob Caines 

Concert recorded by Gareth Auden-Hole

Listen to or download the full album on bandcamp here!

Mark the Music.jpg

Mark the Music: An Homage to the Bard

a concert that honoured William Shakespeare’s magnificent works and legacy

Jacob Caines, Conductor
Mark Wilkinson, Stage Director
Carolyn Watts, Ensemble Manager

Tony Adams, Angela Pelly, Heidi Spicer, Susanna Doherty, James Patterson

Majorie Villeneuve, soprano; Heidi Jost, mezzo soprano; Megan Johnson, mezzo soprano

--Winds and Brass--
Laura Andrew and Katherine Clubine, flute; Isabelle McLeod and Vic Houle, oboe; Isabella Czyrnyj, clarinet; Peter Crouch and Connor Conway, trumpet, Kim Shields and Alexandre Seaman, trombone

Lotta Lundsten, Erin MacDonald, and Mia Claire, violin; Olya Osotkina and Mark Kleyn, viola; Josiah Baarbé and Gabe Ruiz Rueda-Arambula, cello; Alex Kall, bass

This concert was sponsored by Kall Binaural Audio, who recorded the performance in three-dimensional binaural audio.

Listen to or download the full album on bandcamp here!


Descent into Madness

Featuring music by Gounod, Berio, Beethoven, and the world premiere of the newly commissioned work Descent into Madness by Ryan Keebaugh 

Jacob Caines, Conductor

Mark Wilkinson, baritone; Megan Johnson, mezzo-soprano

Gabbie Lazarovsky

Flute: Christian Paquette
Oboe: Victor Houle
Clarinet: Krystal Morrison and Shannon Wolfe
Bassoon: Gabe Azzie
Trumpet: Dan Mills
Trombone: Kerry Steiner and Kim Sheilds
Violin: Caroline Nagy-Schick, Mia Claire, Lotta Lundsten, Olya Omsk
Viola: Erin MacDonald and Mark Kleyn
Cello: Gabe Ruiz Arambula and Roland Gjernes

Concert recording by Nimeet Chattree

Listen to or download the full album on bandcamp here!

Wind Ensemble Poster Revised.jpg

Contemporary Wind Ensemble Concert

A concert of rarely heard wind ensemble compositions, Featuring music by Hindemith, Kurka, Copland and a world premiere composition by Aura Giles

Jacob Caines, Conductor

Flute: Jacki Edwards, Aura Giles, Katherine Clubine
Oboe: Aidan Dugan, Angela Schleihauf
Clarinet: Shannon Wolf, Shelly Wang, Monserrat Zidan, Felicia Persaud, Krystal Morrison
Bassoon: Tasha Ausman, Gabe Azzie
Tenor Saxophone: Kevin McBain

Trumpet: Lynn Peterson, Alisha Walker, Peter Crouch, Sean van Gulik
Horn: Matt Abbott
Trombone: Kim Shields, Kerry Steiner, Joshua Archambault
Tuba: Tristan Hugues
Timpani: Scott Latham

Concert recorded by Gareth Auden-Hole

Listen to or download the full album on bandcamp here!